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Clackson Newsletter

March 2016

In this Issue:

School Funding—Again!

Oswego Pointe Clubhouse
5033 Foothills Rd., Lake Oswego
Wednesday, March 16 at 2:00

It seems that how to adequately fund our schools gets talked about year after year without any new acceptable solutions, especially in these last years since the great recession starting 2008.  Stand for Children is offering a new focus that just might interest the public this time. Appearing on your November ballot is Initiative 65, “Better High Schools Now.” As you probably know, Oregon has one of the worst graduation rates in the nation, making our dropouts unsuited to finding living wage jobs. Newly generated revenues from passage of this measure will target three areas: 1-expand and update career technical education programs, 2-support access to college-level courses, and 3-implement dropout prevention strategies to improve graduation rates.

The campaign manager for the initiative is Anne Hill, and together with Bobbie Regan, will explain how this measure came to fruition, how it can change our high schools, and how they propose to run a successful campaign. You can read more about it and read the actual measure at http://stand.org/oregon/action/oregonians-high-school-success.



  • People who would like to guide, shape and make our League stronger.
  • People who would like to work with others who are enthusiastic about the League.
  • People who understand the importance of the League's work.

As it does each year the Nominating Committee is looking for some people to replace those on the Board whose terms are about to expire.  Please consider the opportunity to be a member of the Board.  Contact Karen Griffin, karen.griffin@gmail.com


LO School District Bond on November Ballot

Nancy Murray
A committee of 32 school affiliated, business, and community recently presented to the school board a proposal of options to fund deferred facility maintenance, upgrades and renovations. Last summer a number of outside businesses assessed the structures and systems of all 17 district buildings (including the community swimming pool), indexing their deficiencies and attaching a corresponding cost to address (repair or replace) them. In addition, the committee addresses several components of changing educational models, such as sustainable and visually stimulating design materials and features, evolving use of technology, accommodation of both self-directed and collaborative learning styles, and, importantly, fiscally responsible planning, design, maintenance and operations of the buildings.  Similar educational opportunities are not available at all schools. Closed schools, all in use currently for other programs, need to be analyzed for future status. Alternative grade configurations present interesting possibilities. There are many, many important considerations beyond these.

The district has about 7,000 students and 750 employees. It’s the city’s largest enterprise by far and requires constant evolution for students and their teachers to realize their full potential in a fast changing world. The School District is inviting us, as both the public and League members, to become involved in the decisions to be made this year and voted on in November. You can read the report at http://www.edline.net/pages/Lake_Oswego_School_District/About_LOSD/Facility_Improvement_Planning and click the link to Long Range Facilities Plan in the lower left. The District is using technology to hear from everyone willing to share their thoughts at losd.thoughtexchange.com/invitation. It is open from Feb. 26-March 6. Lake Oswego LWV members should take some time to read and share your thoughts so the best possible bond measure can be brought forward to voters. Though this comment window is brief, doubtless there will be future opportunities to speak as the bond measure is defined further.

We look forward to welcoming Dr. Heather Beck, Superintendent of LO Schools, to address us and take our questions at Annual Meeting on May 14. Please plan to attend.


From your Board of Directors

Nancy Murray, Treasurer
League must have some of the most loyal members ever. I am always astonished at the longevity of membership in the League recognized each year at Patio Party. Good for us! Also amazing is the willingness to roll up our sleeves when duty calls. While members have many opportunities to attend and do small but essential tasks, our Board of Directors must plan the program and carry it out. Board positions have evolved over the years to suit our needs, with members providing back up while others are out of town, for example. We do need, however, to ask more of you to seriously consider a year or two on our board so as not to burn out those who currently serve. If the nominating committee calls, please think about how you can say, “Yes, I can give some of my time to League.”  We all have a long record of volunteer service to other organizations that carry over to League service quite easily. We’d love to have you come on board. (play on words intended)


In Memorium

Jean Gaittens, a longtime League member from other Leagues, joined us in 2010.

Lee Squier died Jan. 21, 2016 at the age of 97. He and his wife, Janet, were members in MECCA since 1985, hosting meetings in their home after our Leagues merged in 2000.


Clackamas County Commissioners’ Report: February 2 – 25, 2016

Pam Ashland,
The Commissioners have discussed many topics in February.

  • The Commissioners voted to place an advisory vote on the May 2016 ballot to ask the electorate: Shall the county pursue voter approved funding for a limited number of years to pay for deferred road maintenance?
  • Library District:  Reviewing the use of library funds (capital versus operating expenses.)  Also in process is the formation of a joint committee composed of Gladstone and unincorporated residents and to plan for a library to serve both areas.  Funds will not be disbursed for the new project until this committee submits plans. 
  • Legislative issues:  The Commissioners are joining with the Associated Counties to oppose the proposed increase in the state lodging tax.  Other issues can be found in the audio portion of the County Administrator’s report
  • Villages of Mt. Hood:  The Board of Directors is no longer a quorum due to resignations.  After the February meeting, the Commissioners decided to dissolve the board and have a period of time to regroup.
  • Willamette Falls Project: An IGA (Inter governmental agreement) has been worked out, and the committee will be working on the project.  Commissioner Smith will represent the BCC.
  • Clackamas Strategic goals: http://www.clackamas.us/performance
  • Vector Control:  Annual work plan presentation
  • NCPRD and Happy Valley:  Work is in progress to create a plan that both parties will agree to regarding parks and recreation in Happy Valley.
  • Damascus possible dissolution:  Damascus will vote in May regarding dissolution of the city.  Plans are being made in the County for the dissolution since the County would be taking over the services 60 days after the vote if dissolution occurs. 
  • The 2016 Clackamas County Survey:  Questions are being assessed based on previous surveys so that the survey will track the same information that has been gleaned from past surveys. 
  • Emergency Radio System bond obligation:  will be on the May 2016 ballot

Please check out the BCC website to read the packets and listen to the audios for more detail. http://www.clackamas.us/bcc/
Also, the Commissioners State of the County on February 17th can be heard at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8IHc12TT8Y&feature=youtu.be

Please sign up for the County newsletter at http://www.clackamas.us/govdoc.html


Lunch & Learn

Friday, April 1 at 11:30
Szechuan Kitchen
15450 Boones Ferry Rd., Lake Oswego

Speaker: Mike Bezner, County’s “Road Ahead” transportation issues


Coming Attractions

March 16- general meeting: Better High Schools ballot initiative
April 1- Lunch & Learn- Mike Bezner, County’s “Road Ahead” transportation issues
April 20 - general meeting on the state of gun safety legislation in Oregon
April 29- Lunch & Learn
May 14 – Speaker: Dr. Beck, Superintendent LO Schools; LWVCC Annual Meeting
June 11 – Patio Party