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Clackson Newsletter

October 2016

In this Issue:


Judi Umaki, Voter Service Chair
It is impossible to ignore the fact that election season is here!  This year it seems like it’s been going on all year, but now we are down to the final weeks.

In League we are all about educating voters, our members and others.  This month, in addition to presenting information about the seven State of Oregon ballot measures to you at three of our units (M, W, Th.; see Calendar on page 2), we will be sharing with other groups.  We will be at Willamette View Manor’s Political Action Committee’s meeting (to include our Friday unit) on Thurs., Oct. 6 at 6:30 p.m., Tues., Oct. 11, 2:00 p.m. at Carmen Oaks in Lake Oswego and at the Seasoned Adults gathering in Milwaukie at 9:30 a.m. on Oct. 26.

We are also co-sponsoring a candidates’ forum with the Wilsonville Public Library at 7 p.m. on Thurs., Oct. 13, highlighting the county commissioner and county chair races, moderated by Marge Easley.  On Thurs., Oct. 20, 7:30 p.m., LVCC member Mike Taylor will moderate a West Linn city councilor and mayoral candidate forum at the West Linn City Hall.

Three other great sources of information will be the Video Voters Guide being recorded Oct. 3-6, moderated by Marge Easley.  Watch your cable TV listings for dates and times for viewing.  
The Portland League has a good synopsis of the ballot measures online at LWVPDX.org.  In addition, LWVORs printed Voters Guide will be available in libraries and some senior centers soon.  Watch for it as well as the results of Healthy Democracy’s Citizen Initiative Review of Measure 97 in the state voters guide which will be mailed to your homes.  Other resources are VOTE411.org and WWW.Vote Oregon.org.

Helping me in this important work are Katie Lu, Marge Easley, Sylvia Smith, Jean Hoffman, Nancy Nolin, Robi Ingram-Rich, Pam Ashland, Hilly Alexander, Mike Taylor and several others of you who have yet to be drafted!




Ever admire the members who visit your Unit and seem to know all the ins and outs of the latest study? Now is your chance to be one of those exceptional people! Learn from the state committee’s research, and get to know other members as you work together to share this information at one or more of our 4 Units.
Election Methods Update

As one of the November Unit presenters, you will be provided with the state Election Methods Update committee’s report and background information to read and discuss. You will select one or more Units to visit along with other presenters to provide the key points in the report in preparation for member consensus.

The 2015 State Convention adopted this update of our 2007-9 Election Methods study to look at various methods that are actually in use. The focus is to determine what parameters could allow all registered voters to participate in primary and general elections. This includes identification of other methodologies, feasible for our vote-by-mail system, that might work better than our current closed primary election and plurality general election systems.

DON’T MISS OUT! THIS SHORT, ONE TASK JOB WILL END BEFORE THANKSGIVING! Contact Libby Medley, Program/Events Chair 503-668-8520, medleylj@gmail.com


This November the citizens of Benton County, Oregon (which includes Corvallis, among other cities) will be choosing whether or not to change to a ranked-choice election method. If passed, voters would rank by order of preference up to three candidates running for the same office in general and special elections.


Coming Events

Unit Meetings: Ballot Measures
Monday, October 17: Fireside Room at Oswego Pointe (5065 Foothills Rd in Lake Oswego).  Social at 5:30 pm with discussion starting at 6:00 pm.  Bring a brown bag meal and a drink.  Betty Barber (503-675-0594)

Wednesday, October 19: 3:00, Sandpiper Room, Provincial House, Mary's Woods (17400 Holy Names Drive, Lake Oswego). Jean Hoffman (503-697-0833).

Thursday, October 20: 9:15 at the home of Sylvia Smith (5133 SW Timbergrove St., Lake Oswego).  Sylvia Smith (503-639-4272).



Libby Medley, Program Chair
Hosting the League of Women Voters of Oregon State Convention is an honor and a privilege, as well as a whole lot of fun for creative minds with a flair for turning business meetings into memorable social events!

So far we have a date (May 5-7, 2017, with the first business session on Saturday), a venue (Wilsonville Holiday Inn), a quasi-defined theme (“Responding to Anxiety”/ “Keeping the Vision Alive”), and a keynote speaker (author Rick Shenkman). We also have details from the last convention regarding the number of volunteers needed and a list of duties we are expected to undertake. The good news is we have templates to help keep track of the duties, and a time line to keep us on track.

To assure a rewarding and memorable experience for the attendees, our duties are:

Design workbook cover,
Compile information about local attractions,
Stuff folders for attendees with provided information,
Staff registration table during the three-day event to keep track of registrations, name tags with meal tickets, messages, and sign-up sheets.


Obtain information from registration committee and complete report form
Present the credentials report at the opening of each business session
Recruit two pages for each business session to count votes when needed, assist with microphones, motion slips, and other tasks as requested


Provide centerpieces for podium and meal tables (could be a fundraising option for our local League)
Arrange for flag presenters at opening of convention
Organize Friday night dine-around, including venue selection, carpooling, local escort for each restaurant
Prepare list of self-directed tours/activities for those arriving early on Friday

Public Relations:   

Write articles for Clackson and February/March LWVOR VOTER
Secure Welcoming speaker (Mayor of Wilsonville?) for opening session
Secure speakers/entertainment for Saturday lunch and dinner (in process)
Place press releases in local area newspapers; send copy to LWVOR office.

Please volunteer for what suits your fancy. This is a fantastic League activity, with the pay-out of having the exposure to all the wonderful, dedicated leaders that constitute our state League, while spending quality time with our local members brainstorming and enjoying getting to know each other better. For more information, contact Libby Medley 503-668-8520 | medleylj@gmail.com


Reminder! To be included in the directory,

Dues are due!