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Human Resources
Clackamas County

Health (1974)
There is a need for cooperation, coordination and positive planning in health care services at all levels. Improvement in community health services should come from physicians, hospitals, public funding agencies, volunteer groups, the media, schools and all levels of government.

Child Care (1979)
Support quality childcare, which is available to everyone, regardless of financial need.

Training and technical assistance for childcare should be available through a community-based agency. Childcare should be certified and should receive reasonable pay.

Funding for childcare should be broadly based and include support from users; federal, state, regional and county governmental agencies; and private sources. State and federal subsidies should be based solely on financial need. There should be tax incentives to businesses and other groups to encourage further funding of childcare.

Support the formation of cooperative associations for childcare, and the involvement of business and industry in assisting their employees in obtaining adequate childcare.

Public Health Facilities in Clackamas County
with Special Emphasis on Care for the Indigent
The League of Women Voters believe that all people should have access to health care, with those able to pay assuming responsibility for their own health care and those unable to pay covered by a mix of private and government funding. There should be some fee for each service provided by the county, but no one should be turned away because of inability to pay.

Basic health care should include preventative care and should target the young first, including immunizations, dental care and nutritional education for mothers of young children, prenatal care and delivery assistance where necessary, family planning, communicable diseases control, nursing homes and home health care, and mental health programs, including drug and alcohol abuse.

All levels of government and the private sector should share in bearing the cost of medical care. Cost containment, preventative care and services for the medically indigent should be the top priorities in Clackamas County health care.

All people have a responsibility to educate themselves and their families on basic health practices. Basic health practices should be addressed by schools at all levels, newspapers, magazines, radio and TV media, and county health departments. Healthful nutrition should be stressed.


Youth Activities and Facilities for Lake Oswego and West Linn (1986)
Support for the following:

  • Unstructured social activities, especially on weekend evenings, among secondary school-age students. This would supplement the wide variety of organized cultural and sports activities provided by schools, communities, churches and private organizations.
  • The entire community should share the responsibility for youth activities. This includes schools, youth, parents, local government, churches, businesses and other community organizations.
  • Additional and/or improved facilities, such as playing fields, multi-purpose gym facilities, and a youth activities center in both communities. Also, there is need for a new library and public pool in West Linn. In order to finance the above, possible public and private funding sources could include taxes, system development fees, a user fee, or a combination of fees.
  • The concept of a multi-purpose facility to fulfill the needs of the youth of the area. To maintain interest of our youth in our community, there is a need for interesting and attractive activities and facilities. Furthermore, to insure a successful facility, responsible supervision, social and dance areas, games and a sports area are needed. The facility could be managed financially and staffed by a city recreation department using community resources and volunteers.